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Convert your pre-loved laptops for CASH today! Working devices Core i 4th Gen and above will fetch the highest trade-in price.

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What Is Zero E-Waste

From smartphones to television sets, improper disposal of these items can lead to harmful substances making their way into the soil and groundwater. We refer to these items as e-waste as they tend to have batteries or circuitries and require electricity to function.

As consumers, our behaviours and decisions can move our society towards a zero e-waste reality. By recycling or trading in one’s pre-owned devices, we can keep them above ground or remove them from the waste pile and protect mother earth. 

Protect our water, protect our earth, trade-in your devices with us today.  

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We are located in Sim Lim Square and Bugis Junction. Drop by and boost your trade-in value.

Book an appointment to get a promo code for trade up to $500 off!

For maximum trade-in value,
  • Bring in any fully functional Core i 4th gen and above laptop. (Can power up on battery and boot into OS, no crack screen), - Get full trade in value.
  • We also accept faulty Core i 4th gen and above laptops at a different price.
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