Medical Infrared Thermometer

Model : YS-ET03

Intelligent Reading for Baby Kids and Adults

Resolution at 0.1 °C & Accuracy at 0.2°C

Amidst the current situation, a handheld contact-less thermometer provides us with the first line of defense. Therefore, for faster, dependable and safer temperature measurement, we apply the updated high-accuracy sensor probe and the latest smart chip.

The Latest Built in Smart Chip for 32 SETS OF MEMORY

Equipped with a fever warning system that indicates temperature status with corresponding lights.

It can record up to 32 sets of readings for tracking even slight modification of body temperature.


This temporal thermometer backed by clinical studies is designed for all: infants, adults, and elders.

This infrared digital thermometer has multiple modes that enable it to support not only
forehead or ear function but also take room/object temperature.

2 Colors Backlight

Intelligent light indicator helps in better temperature gauging and enables you to take necessary actions.

Body Temp


2  36.5

High Fever
37.6°C ~ 42.2°C

Body Temp


2  36.5

34°C ~ 37.5°C

    Large LCD Backlit Screen enables clear reads even in the dark with soft light. ℃ and ℉ are easily switchable. ”   

Advanced Sensor Technoloies & Instant Read Thermometer

Instant reading mode provides you with reliable results delivered in 1 sec after pressing the measure button.

Power- saver mode

Free hand design, power-saving. Automatically turns off in 30~40 seconds. 

Specifications :

Product Name : Medical Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Model No. : YS-ET03

Measuring Range : 32.0℃~42.2℃

Tolerance : ±0.2℃ (35.0℃~42.0℃)

±0.3℃ (32.0℃~34.9℃ & 42.1℃~42.2℃)

Power : 2XAAA Batteries (DC 3V)

Memory : 32 sets

Automatically Power Off : Around 30~40S

Weight : 68.6g (not including battery)

Size : 166x39x40mm

Accuracy : 0.2℃

Measuring Distance: > 2cm

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